“Woman is the creator of the universe,
the universe is her form;
woman is the foundation of the world,
she is the true form of the body.

Whatever form she takes,
whether the form of a man or a woman,
is the superior form.

In woman is the form of all things,
of all that lives and moves in the world.

There is no jewel rarer than woman,
no condition superior to that of a woman.

There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any destiny to equal that of a woman;
there is no kingdom, no wealth,
to be compared with a woman;
there is not, nor has been, nor will be
any holy place like unto a woman.

There is no prayer to equal a woman.

There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any yoga to compare with a woman,
no mystical formula nor asceticism
to match a woman.

There are not, nor have been, nor will be
any riches more valuable than woman.”

— Saktisangama Tantra


“Look at Venus, those goddesses, they’re all topless. And you know why?
Because they’re fearless.”
Jai Lu

The powerful image above is by the amazingly talented artist Artist Jai Lu http://www.jialu.com/

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