Why You're Here

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“In these modern times of difficulty and stress the only sane response to what’s going on is awakening.
The world needs you. We all need you.”

Ian Paul Marshall


The Path of An Awakened Warrior: A Universal Dharma of Heart and Mind. A Way of Oneness. A Community. A Calling.

Why You’re Here

A Zen Master once asked his students…

What is a human being anyway?

Why do we walk on this planet?

What are we here for?

What is this all about?

These questions are questions for all of us.
It doesn’t matter where you live, what your background is or what you’re doing for a career – these questions are still there, “What is a human being? What are we here for?”
We all think to ourselves from time to time, “Soon all of this will be over. Soon I’ll be gone. Is there something I’m missing? Is there more to this? Is there more to life? Is there more to me?”
These questions are like whispers in our mind…

Why am I here?

Is there a reason why I was born?

What is the purpose of my life?

And the reason why these questions haunt you is because deep down inside, you know there’s something more to all of this.
There’s something more to you…
You can feel a great potential that’s locked inside, waiting to emerge, longing to be set free.
You know that there’s so much more to life. So much more to you.
These are the questions that haunted the Buddha over 2500 years ago. Gnawing away at him. Troubling him night and day.

Why do we suffer?

Why can’t we be free of suffering?

He left everything behind to find the answers to these questions. And after 6 years he finally realized and understood why we’re here.
Do you want to know why you’re here?
Sure you do. We all do. So I’ll tell you.
I’ll let you know why you’re here…
You ready?
Really ready?

You’re here to awaken from the illusion of separation
and then free us all.

Buddha Nature/Christ Consciousness/Shiva Nature/Suchness/Rigpa

The Master’s throughout the ages have been trying to tell us something…

And that something is that there’s a huge untapped potential inside of us and we don’t even know it.

In the Buddhist tradition this potential is called Buddha Nature.

We’re all Buddha’s and ZenAwakened.com is here to help you remember that truth.

A Universal Dharma of Heart and Mind
We’re all looking for a path which doesn’t point to an unassailable mountaintop on high. We seek something immediate, tangible and real. A path to free us from our hurts and help us find true authentic happiness. A path of an awakened heart and illumined mind.
This is the Way of the Awakened Warrior.
Awakened Warriors work diligently to be living miracles and actively embody the way of the path in everything they do.
They are fully immersed in the world and use their power of Awakened Awareness to make positive things happen wherever they are.
They are committed to bringing about an enlightened society.
We believe that enlightenment can be achieved in this very lifetime, even as lay practitioners living in the midst of samsara. This is the ultimate expression of Enlightenment.

Here at ZenAwakened.com we’re heavily influenced by the Nondual traditions of Zen, Christianity and Dzogchen. We are also influenced by Mahamudra, Shaivism, Tantra and the Theravada teachings to help you awakening to your true nature – a state beyond words, which is radiant and illuminating, with no beginning or end and spontaneously pours forth compassion.

Ultimately we know well that there can be no causal connection between practice and Awakening (as this is your fundamental state). But the obstacles to Awakening are deeply affected by practice.