I thought I was the only person who noticed the beauty of the three red trees but there she was, camera in hand,snapping pics. Tweaking her angles. Trying to find the perfect shot. Freezing the moment. And possibly sharing the beauty that she was seeing with her friends and family.

The three red trees.

I’ve been watching them for over a month now.

They’ve become a part of my routine.

But I know their beauty won’t last. Soon they’ll let go completely and embrace their winter slumber that’s part of their natural cycle.

They are constantly changing.

And so are we.

Everything changes. Nothing truly stays the same.

In all the Reiki sessions I’ve done lately change has been one of the big focusses for everyone who’s laid on my table.

Dealing with it. Embracing it. Managing it. Initiating it.

The three reds trees are masters of change and fortunately for us they whisper their wisdom with anyone who’s willing to listen.

5 ways to embrace, deal with and initiate change in your life

1) Embrace Change

All things change. Nothing is permanent. We’re not fix points. We’re in constant flux and flow.

The buddha said, “Insight into change teaches us to embrace our experiences without clinging to them — to get the most out of them in the present moment by fully appreciating their intensity, in full knowledge that we will soon have to let them go to embrace whatever comes next.

2) Everything Has It’s Own Timing

The three red trees are flanked on both sides. Some of the other trees are still green and some are naked and slumbering.

But this doesn’t matter to them. They have their own time. Their own flow. Their own process.

They don’t try and catchup to the others or slow down to fit in with the green group. They’re in touch with their own inner treeness and know and honour their own time.

3) Let Go

Let go. Let go of your should’ves, could’ves and would’ves. Enjoy the process.

Let go of the past. Let go of the pain, the hurt and the fear.

Just let yourself be free in your own process.

4) Share

The three red trees aren’t ashamed of the changes they’re going through. They show it off to the world. Silently saying “Look at me. I’m changing. I’m evolving. I’m part of a cycle. And I’m beautiful in my own way.”

We each have our own beauty. Our own story to tell. Don’t hide yourself from the world.

5) Get Help From Others

The wind. The rain. The birds and squirrels. Each breeze that blows, every drop of water that falls and every animal the rests upon their branches helps them.

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