The Sport of the Buddha's

Vajrasattva asks Samantabhadra: How is it that we as self-perfected Buddhas can enter and experience the samsaric dimension from the samsaric point of view?
Samantabhadra responded: In order for this to happen, and it is a great sport yet fraught with many dangers, one must embody the samsaric form of choice from amongst the Six Lokas. Then using the magical mantra for the samsaric deity of choice, one will self-manifest in that specific dimension of samsara, fully displaying the samsaric mandala within and without the pavilion of Unclear Light and Unknowing Bewilderment. It is in entering this mandala that great danger arises for all Buddhas who choose this wild and unpredictable sport… the Sport of Buddhas.
Vajrasattva then asked: What is this magical seed mantra that brings about the arising of the samsaric deity? And what are the dangers one can encounter in engaging in such sport?
Samantabhadra responded: Be very careful when using this mantra. It may produce sudden and unexpected ignorance and bewilderment that may result in your being unable to extricate yourself from within the magical display of the Six Lokas of samsaric experience. Therein lies the danger, as your stay in samsara could be quite extended. The seed-mantra is the thought “I” or “me” as being a separate entity from the Dharmakaya that is subject to harm and destruction.
Vajrasattva asked: Your explanation and warning is well understood. How is one then to extricate oneself from such an unwanted and extended stay within the Six Lokas of samsara?
Samantabhadra then explained: To extricate oneself from the Six Lokas of samsara, one must first of all abandon the engagement of the seed-mantra of the samsaric deity and its mandala of Ignorance and Bewilderment. As one does this the Unclear Light mind should return spontaneously to being the Clear Light Mind of our familiar Dharmakaya Buddha Realm. You will then notice that the apparent forms and beings of the mandala of Ignorance and Bewilderment will self-transform into the pure Light forms and colors of the familiar Sambhogakaya Buddha Realm. And finally, you will attain a new level of manifestation upon having mastered this wild and dangerous sport, you will manifest the unique form of the Buddha who manifests in all the Six Lokas for the benefit of other Buddha players who are in need of extrication from this unruly and unpredictable sport. You will then teach them the mantra of extrication from within the Six Lokas of Ignorance and Bewilderment.
Vajrasattva then asked: What is this powerful mantra that has the power to extricate the Buddha sport players from within the Six Lokas of samsara?
Samtantabhadra then repied: The mantra is my personal and most secret mantra, the seed- mantra of the White AH. It is to be followed with the secret mantras of my most secret and protected spaces hidden deep within the Six Lokas themselves. The mantra is ‘Ah A Sha Sa Ma Ha. By using these sacred mantras one will discover that one has never actually left the pure Dharmakaya dimension of the Buddha Realm. But through the power of the magical illusion producing mantra of “I” or “me”, one thought one had indeed entered this dark and unpredictable realm of suffering as experienced within the Six Lokas of samsara. But as you will discover, all is well that ends well! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…!!!! My 12 Laughs will be shared by all in the end!!!
Vajrasattva then asked: By what do we call this grand and risky sport of the Buddhas?
Samantabhadra laughingly stated: We call this noble sport of all Buddhas to be the Great Pretense. As in this sport all pretend to be “sentient beings” lost within the Six Lokas of samsara!!!
With that, Vajrasattva exclaimed: Ah, now I understand the true meaning and method of the noble and risky sport of all Buddhas as well as the most secret and sublime method of extrication..
Vajrasattva then reflected to himself … “now what was that seed-mantra for entering the noble and risky sport of all Buddhas..?” he pondered and pondered. Eventually he remembered and exclaimed “I” with great intensity and was never seen or heard from again.
And the final secret to be revealed to you, oh noble son or daughter of good bearing and fine citizen of samsara, the one who went missing is you!
A modern Tantra of the Class of Atiyoga by Yeshe Zangthal

By Ian Marshall

Ian Paul Marshall has been initiated by the Dalai Lama, is trained in Zen as transmitted through the teachings of the Venerable Dr. Thich Thien-An and Seung Sahn Dae Jong Sa and is the founder of based out of Toronto, Canada.