The Song of the Vajra

The Song of the Vajra
Unborn, yet continuing without interruption, neither coming nor going, omnipresent, Supreme Dharma,
unchangeable space, without definition, spontaneously self-liberating—
perfectly unobstructed state—
manifest from the very beginning,
self-created, without location,
with nothing negative to reject,
and nothing positive to accept,
infinite expanse, penetrating everywhere, immense, and without limits, without ties, with nothing even to dissolve
or to be liberated from,
manifest beyond space and time, existing from the beginning, immense ying3, inner space, radiant through clarity
like the sun and the moon, self-perfected,
indestructible like a Vajra, stable as a mountain,
pure as a lotus,
strong as a lion,
incomparable pleasure beyond all limits, illumination, equanimity,
peak of the Dharma,
light of the universe,
perfect from the beginning.

By Ian Marshall

Ian Paul Marshall has been initiated by the Dalai Lama, is trained in Zen as transmitted through the teachings of the Venerable Dr. Thich Thien-An and Seung Sahn Dae Jong Sa and is the founder of based out of Toronto, Canada.