The Life of the Buddha

In The Life of the Buddha course we are transported back in time so that we can have an immersive experience of the Buddha’s life.

We’ll be using as our guide book the International Acclaimed Biographer Karen Armstrong’s Buddha. Please pickup this title before you enroll in the course as we use this text for the weekly readings.

Week by week we will see unfold the key points of the Buddha’s life.

We’ll journey back in time to before he was born, learn about the two paths that lay before him, find out how his father couldn’t fool fate, and we watch as the young and naive Gotama goes off on his journey to help all beings be from from suffering and the causes of suffering.

The Buddha’s life is a mythic journey that we discover is our own as we go deeper in his epic journey.

This program is for anyone that’s looking to experience a deeper connection and understanding of the life of the Buddha.


On the product page you’ll discover an input field where you can put in the amount you’d like to give for this program.

The recommended minimal Dana starts at $50 for this 8 week course.

This offering of the Dharma has been opened so that you may give what you can with a minimum donation of $50 for the course. If this hinders your ability to take this course and you are experiencing financial hardships please contact us for specific consideration.

How Does This Program Unfold?

Every week there will be required readings of one of the chapters of Karen Armstrong’s book entitled Buddha.

Every week there will be a one page assignment due that expects you to write about the insights, revelations, challenges and frustrations that may have come up due to the text.

This type of writing assignment helps you to anchor in the wisdom that arises each week such that it becomes embodied truth that permeates your whole life for the better.

At the end of the program – if you want – there is an opportunity to submit a paper that explores an aspect of the Buddha’s life or multiple aspects a do a deep dive into the wisdom you discover there.

Your Guide for This Program – zen master e

zen master e will be there with you every step of the way. Answering your questions, helping you unfold the latent wisdom with you.