Awakening Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule

The Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule


Combining The Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule

by Ian Paul Marshall
Most people nowadays know of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Below you’ll find this statement interpreted all throughout the ages through all the major spiritual traditions of the world.
But for now lets look at how we can combine the Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule to get some amazing results.

Awakening Law of Attraction

Sleep & Grow Rich

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Wealth

slpDo you want to know an easy way to be wealthy? Of course you do. Who doesn’t. That’s why there’s all those get rich quick schemes within the world. We’re all looking for happiness. And we all are a little bit lazy, that’s why we spring at the chance to make a quick buck. But alas those get rich quick schemes never work.
But I have a solution!
And no you don’t have to send away for my special ten week course, jam packed with secret tips, discovered 2000 years ago. And no you don’t have to work hard, slaving at your desk to the wee hours of the morning.
All you have to do is go to sleep.
No really. It’s totally easy.
It’s supposed to be easy. Nature doesn’t struggle to be abundant. That’s because Ole Mother Nature knows her truth. Which is abundance. And guess what? Abundance is woven into the very fibre of our being. All we have to do is to remember that. Be easy about it.
So what’s all this talk about sleep & grow rich?
Well have you ever noticed that you may doing your affirmations like, “I am wealthy.” or “I am rich.” or “I am abundant.” but nothing is happening. Maybe even things are getting worse in your financial affairs.
Well the problem is that pesky, conscious mind of ours.
We’re trying to plant these abundant seeds into our fertile subconscious mind, which is ready and willing to nurture those seeds and turn them into money trees, but our conscious mind keeps digging them up.
The conscious mind looks around at your life and keeps screaming at you saying that “Your lying.”
Well, the way around that little monkey mind of ours is not to focus on ourselves but try just focussing on the concept.

  • Just focus on wealth.
  • Turn your thoughts towards images of wealth.
  • Generate a feeling of wealth.

Both your conscious and subconcious minds will be OK with that. The conscious mind will find no fault in that line of thinking and will let pass those wealth seeds. They’ll be planted into your subconscious mind.
And since your subconscious mind is in oneness with all of existence the law of attraction will draw into your life abundance beyond your wildest dreams.
The money trees will start to grow.
The best time to do this is just as your going to sleep.
See, I told you it would be easy. It’s supposed to be.
Be wealthy.
Be inspirational!
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