If you want to understand the realm of Buddha,
Keep a mind which is clear like space.
So, let all thinking and all external desires fall far away.
Let your mind go anyplace, with no hindrance.

Then what is the one pure and clear thing?

Then, what is keeping a mind which is clear like space?

If your mind is not clear, listen to the following:

It is enlightenment nature
Above is the dwelling place of all Buddhas
Below are the six realms of existence
It and dust interpenetrate
One by one, each thing is complete
It is already apparent in all things
One by one, each thing has it
So, without cultivation, you are already complete
Understand, understand Clear, clear

(Holding the Zen stick) Do you see?

(Hitting the Zen stick) Do you hear?

Already you see clearly.

Already you hear clearly.

Then what are this stick, this sound and your mind?

Are they the same or different?

If you say “same,” I will hit you thirty times.

If you say “different,” I will hit you thirty times.



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