“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.”
Meister Eckhart

Gratitude is the mighty wind that sweeps us humbly into the arms of our creator. For it’s by our honest prayers of thanks that we come into harmony with the source of life. A resonant power that can be found in an instant through the joy of our simple song of thanks.

For when we’re thankful we infuse our presence with a harmonic frequency that draws good tidings into every aspect of our lives.

We can then acknowledge our blessings and have a moment to bring our attention in alignment with pure intention and then whole new worlds open up before us.

Gratitude is the art of an awakened heart.

When we live in a frequency that resonates with the power of gratitude all the good things that we focus upon multiply.

Gratitude’s Powerful Energy Is Pregnant With Infinite Possibilities

So one of the only true ways to change the world is to give thanks for the amazing things that are present in our lives right now. When we do that we send shock waves of love out from us which transform all the world.

And by focusing upon the gift of the present moment we then begin to create the future because we have tapped into the awesome power of pure potentiality. This powerful energy is pregnant with infinite possibilities and is only accessible in the now.

Gratitude Is Knowing In Your Heart That Heaven Is Here

Gratitude is the secret means that opens our lives to and brings us in contact with our source. That source contains within it everything within our universe. Once we tap into that power we then become radiant co-creators of creation.

It’s from our good intentions that we can create the world of which we want to live in. And the speediest way to the source of that power is through the art of and attitude of gratitude

Upon waking see the miracle of life before you in all its splendor and all its glory and begin to give thanks. Know in your heart that heaven is here and through a slight of your hand and a glance of your eye you have so revealed the illustrious beauty of its kingdom unto yourself.

With the playfulness of the wind have your thankful and gracious heart send forth a message to the world. A message of love with the words of thanks.

Start small. Start now. Start here in this moment. Breathe in deeply and give thanks for the blessing of life, your life and the magic that is within it.

Gratitude Is Being Thankful For Your Life And The Countless Blessings That Are Within It

Giving thanks automatically shifts your energetic frequency into a positive. That positivity charges the divine matrix that surrounds you and attunes you with the opportunity to create more. To have more. To be more.

That expansive state not only lifts you up but it also raises the frequency of all the world. That new burst of energy begins to release your creative genius and when you tap into that aspect of yourself anything is possible.

So be thankful for your life and the countless blessings that are within it. For once you can find the splendor of each moment then truly you have found heaven on earth.

Gratitude Exercise

In order to create an attitude of gratitude we must come into it’s resonant frequency. We must truly feel it within our own being. A true emotion that effects the world around us.

I want you to create a list of things that your thankful for. For some people this may be hard so start small. For me I love having my morning tea. It gives me such a simple pleasure that then helps me start off my day feeling thankful and happy. So if I were starting small I would include my morning tea.

So I want you to write out a list of things that you are thankful for. I want you to keep this list so that if life seems to be not going your way or you just find yourself in a funk and it’s hard to feel thankful you can run through your list and hopefully by the end of reading the list your energy will have shifted.

A good way to structure your statement of gratitude would be,

I am thankful for ____________________ (fill in the blank)

A good habit to end your day would be by keeping a gratitude journal. A little daily diary whereby you find 3-5 things to be thankful for in your day.

An extension of this practice is to send a person from your gratitude journal and thank you postcard.

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