The Beginners Guide to the Seven Chakras

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

The king of scientific swagger Neil Degrasse Tyson said that we’re concentrated packets of energy and information.

If that’s the case it wouldn’t be a far reach to assume that we’re continually sending and receiving energy and information to everyone and everything, in every moment.

Our lives are a process. An unfoldment. A journey.

And what we think and do have a profound impact not only on the world and other people but more importantly on ourselves.

I’d like to share with you a different type of perspective on the Chakras. A new way of looking at what they are and how you can use them to live your best life.

The Chakras are energy centers within our bodies. Most books you’ll read on the chakras will usually have a heavy focus on providing you with aspects of the chakras such as their colors, the regions of the body that these energy centers are located and maybe the mantra or sound that’s associated with them – and in this article on the Seven Major Chakras I share that info below too.

But the chakras are so much more than that. They’re like a roadmap or guidebook to yourself and how you’re showing up in the world. They give you a feedback loop of information. Giving you insight into your mental – emotional state.

In this article you’ll discover:

* How to Look at the Chakras

And then we’ll go into detail for each of the Chakras.

The Seven Major ChakrasThe 7 chakras

* Root Chakra
* Sacral Chakra
* Solar Plexus Chakra
* Heart Chakra
* Throat Chakra
* Brow Chakra
* Crown Chakra

How to Look at the Chakras

“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.”
Elizabeth A. Behnke

We live, move and have our being within a Radiant sea of Consciousness. This Universal Consciousness is made manifest through us. We each are unique energetic expressions of this consciousness. This Universal Intelligent Energetic Consciousness takes concentrated form as us and is expressed through us.

This Life Force takes shape within our bodies in a concentrated and concise fashion through a subtle energy system called the Chakra System.

If we start from the premise that the universe is continually striving for our ultimate good; it wouldn’t be a giant leap to assume that we would be given some sort of roadmap to navigate our way through it. Some sort of feedback mechanism for us to understand and navigate our lives through this sea of energy and information. Something to help us to know if we’re in resonant harmony with life. And something to warn us if we may be may be blocking the flow of this energetic consciousness that pours through us and is us.

Every thought and feeling we have and action we commit is assimilated, stored and flows through our bodies energetically via the Chakras and the myriad of energy meridians that are within the body.

When we’re thinking “positively” about our lives and expressing beneficial behaviours, habits, thoughts, emotions and actions then we’ll normally find ourselves in the flow of life.

But if we find ourselves thinking “negatively” about our lives and expressing unskillful behaviours, habits, thoughts, emotions and actions we may bump up against a myriad of mental/physical conditions in our lives. These range from physical dis-ease to bankruptcy.

So we can see that the Chakras help to give us insight into the inner workings of our minds.

Having financial difficulties? You probably have some Root Chakra issues to work through.

Troublesome relationships? There’s probably a Sacral Chakra issue you’re avoiding.

Are you a pushover at work? Then more than likely it’s a Solar Plexus Chakra issue you need to focus on.

Keep bumping up against the same patterns? The Universe is trying to tell you that this is something that you need to pay attention to.

Physical problems happen when you stop listening to the messages the universe is sending you.

It’s sort of like the universe’s final warning system.

So below you’ll find information about the Chakras, the positive and negative thought patterns associated with them, key questions to ask yourself about each Chakra and healing affirmations to help you bring your life back into the flow.

I hope it helps.

The Root Chakra – Muladhara – Stability – The Base of Support

The Root Chakra

Location: Base of the Spine
Colour: Red (Secondary Colour is Black)
Element: Earth
Symbols: Square. Downward pointing triangle. Elephant.
Functions: Gives Vitality to the Physical Body. Life Force. Survival. Self-Preservation. Instincts.
Glands/Organs: Adrenals. Kidneys. Spinal Column. Colon. Legs. Bones.
Gems/Minerals: Ruby. Garnett. Bloodstone. Red Jasper. Black Tourmaline. Obsidian. Smoky Quartz.
Foods: Proteins. Red Fruits and Veggies
Mantra: LAM
Sound/Vowel: Uhhhh
Exercise(s): Squats
Yoga Poses: Corpse Pose, Mountain Pose, Bridge Pose, Childs Pose, Chair Pose, Warrior 1, Butterfly, Forward Bend
Scent: Cinnamon

Qualities/Lessons: Matters Relating to the Material World. Success. The Physical Body, the Mastery of it, respect of it and connection to it. Grounding. Stability. Security. Stillness. Health. Courage. Patience. Calmness. Connectedness with family (tribe). Reconciling, honouring and respecting our upbringing.

Negative Qualities: Self-Centered. Insecurity. Violence. Greed. Anger. Overly Concerned With One’s Physical Survival. Tension in the Spine. Constipation. Neediness. Disconnection and even hatred of the body. Family issues. Loneliness. Disconnectedness. Lethargy. No stick-to-it-ness. Financial Instability.

Key Root Chakra Questions:

  • What do I truly need? Are my needs being met? And if not, how can they be?
  • Am I connected to my physical body? How do I connect with and view my physical body?
  • How is my connection with my family? How can I make it stronger?
  • Am I connecting with nature?
  • Do I feel secure? What makes me feel secure?
  • Do I feel safe? Where do I feel most safe?
  • What gives me sustenance? What nourishes me?
  • What makes me feel grounded, stable and secure?
  • How can I share my stability and strength with others?

Root Chakra Affirmations:

  • I feel grounded.
  • I feel safe.
  • I feel stable.
  • I have all that I need.
  • I trust.
  • I am supported.
  • I am connected and fully present in my body.
  • I am grounded in the moment.
  • I have a loving, respectful and supportive connection with my family.

The Sacral Chakra – Svadhishthana – Sexuality/Flow/Connection

The Sacral Chakra

Location: Lower Abdomen to Navel.
Colour: Orange
Element: Water
Functions: Procreation. Assimilation of Food. Physical Force and Vitality. Sexuality.
Glands/Organs: Ovaries. Testicles. Prostate. Genitals. Spleen. Womb. Bladder.
Gems/Minerals: Carnelian. Fire Agate. Coral. Gold Calcite. Amber. Citrine. Gold Topaz. Peach Aventurine.
Mantra: VAM Sound/Vowel: Ooo
Foods: Liquid. Orange Fruits & Veggies.
Exercise(s): Dancing
Yoga Poses: Triangle, Pigeon. Twist. Hip Opening Poses. Sun Salutation Series.
Scent: Orange (Peeling and eating a clementine)

Qualities/Lessons: Giving and Receiving. Emotions. Desire. Pleasure. Sexual & Passionate Love. Change. Movement. Assimilation of News Ideas. Health. Family Tolerance. Surrender. Working Harmoniously and Creatively With Others. Giving birth to new ideas, ventures, projects or a new version of yourself.

Negative Qualities: Over-Indulgence in Food or Sex. Sexual Difficulties. Confusion. Purposelessness. Jealousy. Envy. Desire to Possess. Impotence. Uterine and/or Bladder Problems. IBS.

Key Sacral Chakra Questions:

  • What do I want? What do I desire? What do I want to create? What do I want to give birth to? Is it a new project or new version of myself? What do I perceive is holding me back from creating it?
  • Am I connecting easily and deeply with people, friends and family? If not what’s holding you back? If yes how can you build and grow those relationships?
  • What kind of lessons are my relationships teaching me?
  • How do I feel about sex and sexuality? Am I ashamed of my sexuality or do I embrace it? Do I revel in the pleasure that arises within the body or do I suppress it?
  • Do I allow myself to be vulnerable? Does intimacy come easily for me (Into-Me-See)?
  • Do I allow people to see me naked (physically, emotionally)?
  • Do I find it easy to go with the flow? If not, why? What kind of control do you need to surrender? How can I relax and go with the flow more easily in my life?
  • Do I easily adapt to change? How do I adapt to change and new situations?

Key Sacral Chakra Affirmations:

  • I connect easily with others.
  • I go with the flow.
  • The universe conspires in my favor.
  • I easily manifest my desires.
  • My relationships are deep and meaningful.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura – Self-Esteem

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Above the Navel, Below the Chest.
Colour: Yellow
Element: Fire
Functions: Vitalizes the Sympathetic Nervous System. Digestive Process. Metabolism. Emotions.
Glands/Organs: Pancreas, Adrenals, Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Nervous System, Muscles.
Gems/Minerals: Yellow Citrine, Gold Topaz, Amber, Tigers Eye, Gold Calcite, Gold.
Foods: Starches. Yellow Fruits and Veggies
Exercise(s): Core
Power Poses: Wonder Woman/Superman, Clenched Fists
Yoga Poses: Mountain Pose, Upward Bow, Boat Pose, Lord of the Fishes
Scent: Lemon

Qualities/Lessons: Will. Personal Power. Authority. Energy. Mastery of Desire. Self-Control. Radiance. Warmth. Awakening. Transformation. Humor. Laughter. Immortality.

Negative Qualities: Taking in More Than One Can Assimilate and Use. Too Much Emphasis on Power and/or Recognition. Anger. Fear. Hate. Digestive Problems.

Key Solar Plexus Chakra Questions:

  • Do I feel strong and confident? If not, what do I perceive is hindering my confidence?
  • Do I embrace and express my personal power? Do I let me light shine? Or do I dim it so that I don’t make people feel uncomfortable?
  • In what situations and circumstances do I feel my power the most?
  • In what situations or circumstances do I feel powerless?
  • Am I speaking and behaving with consistency and integrity?
  • Am I disciplined or do I fall short of my commitments?
  • When I set goals for myself do I believe “I can” achieve them? If not what do I perceive is stopping me?
  • Do I give my power away to others? If yes why?

Key Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations:

  • I love and accept myself.
  • I feel strong and confident.
  • I feel powerful.
  • I am disciplined.
  • I can achieve my dreams.
  • I am determined.

The Heart Chakra – Anahata – Compassion & Self-Love

The Heart Chakra

Location: Center of Chest
Colour: Green (Secondary Colour is Pink)
Element: Air
Functions: Anchor the Lifeforce from the Higher Self. Energizes the Blood and Physical Body with the Life Force. Blood Circulation.
Glands/Organs: Heart, Thymus Gland, Circulatory System, Arms, Hands, Lungs.
Gems/Minerals: Emerald, Green and Pink Tourmaline, Malachite, Green Jade, Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Ruby.
Exercise(s): Pushups, Hugging
Yoga Poses: Camel, Eagle, Cobra
Scent: Peppermint

Qualities/Lessons: Divine/Unconditional Love. Forgiveness. Compassion. Understanding. Balance. Group Consciousness. Oneness With Life. Acceptance. Peace. Openness. Harmony. Contentment.

Negative Qualities: Repression of Love. Emotional Instability. Out of Balance. Heart Problems. Circulatory Problems. Food: Green Fruits and Veggies.

Key Heart Chakra Questions:

  • Am I being loving and compassionate to myself?
  • Am I giving love and compassion to others?
  • What are 3 things that I’m grateful for?
  • Have I expressed my gratitude to someone recently?
  • How can I cultivate empathy for people close to me as well as acquaintances and even strangers?

Key Heart Chakra Affirmations:

  • I am open to love.
  • I accept love.
  • I forgive myself.
  • I forgive others easily.
  • I am grateful for everything I have.
  • I express love freely.

The Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – Speaking Your Truth

The Throat Chakra

Location: Throat
Colour: Sky Blue
Element: Akasha/Ether
Functions: Speech. Sound. Vibration. Communications.
Glands/Organs: Thyroid. Parathyroid. Hypothalamus. Throat. Mouth.
Gems/Minerals: Azurite
Foods: Blue/purple fruits and vegetables.
Yoga Poses: Supported Shoulder Stand, Plow, Lion
Scent: Lavender

Qualities/Lessons: Power of Spoken Word. True Communications. Creative Expression in Speech, Writing & the Arts. Integration. Peace. Truth. Knowledge. Wisdom. Loyalty. Honesty. Reliability. Gentleness. Kindness.

Negative Qualities: Communication/Speech Problems. Knowledge Used Un-Wisely. Ignorance. Lack of Discernment. Depression.

Key Throat Chakra Questions:

  • Do I speak the truth?
  • Do I speak MY truth?
  • Do I express my creativity?
  • Am I communicating clearly? Especially my needs and wants?
  • Am I telling my loved ones that I love them?
  • Do I feel I’m able to communicate my ideas clearly?
  • Is my voice steady and strong?

Key Throat Chakra Affirmations:

  • I speak my truth.
  • I speak clearly, openly and honestly.
  • I am heard.
  • I express myself easily.

The Brow Chakra (The Third Eye) – Ajna – Wisdom/Insight/Intuition

The Brow Chakra (Third Eye)

Location: Center of the Forehead Between the Eyebrows.
Colour: Indigo
Element: Light
Functions: Vitalizes the Lower Brain and Central Nervous System. Vision.
Glands/Organs: Pituitary Gland, Left Eye, Nose, Ears, Possibly the Pineal Gland.
Gems/Minerals: Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Sodalite, Quartz Crystal, Sapphire, Indicolite, Tourmaline.
Foods: Blue/Purple Fruits and Veggies
Yoga Poses: Low Lunge, Child’s Pose, Cobra
Scent: Vanilla

Qualities/Lessons: Soul Realization, Intuition, Insight, Imagination, Clairvoyance, Concentration, Peace of Mind, Wisdom, Devotion, Perception Beyond Duality.

Negative Qualities: Lack of Concentration, Fear, Cynicism, Tension, Headaches, Eye Problems, Bad Dreams, Overly Detached From the World.

Key Brow Chakra Questions:

  • Do I trust my own intuition?
  • Do I trust my own insights and wisdom?
  • Can I see patterns in my life? (positive and negative)
  • Am I pursuing knowledge and wisdom?
  • What inspires me?
  • Can I keep focused or am I easily distracted?
  • Can I see a vision of my life that inspires me?
  • Can I see beyond right and wrong?
  • What beliefs do I have that cause me to judge another person negatively?
  • What would I like to research and know more about?

Key Brow Chakra Affirmations:

  • I can see clearly.
  • I have a beautiful vision of my life.
  • I trust my intuition.
  • I am wise.
  • I am focused.

The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara – Immersion/Resonance

The Crown Chakra

Location: Top of Head
Colour: Violet
Element: Thought/Will
Functions: Vitalizes the Upper Brain
Gems/Minerals: Amethyst, Alexandrite, Diamond, Sugilite, Purple Fluorite, Quartz Crystal, Selenite
Foods: Fasting, and(or) Purple Fruits/Veggies
Yoga Poses: Tree Pose, Lotus Pose
Scent: Jasmine or Rose

Qualities/Lessons: Unification of the Higher Self With the Human Personality. Oneness with the Infinite Spiritual Will, Inspiration, Unity, Divine, Wisdom and Understanding. Idealism, Selfless Service. Perception Beyond Space and Time Continuity of Consciousness.

Negative Qualities: Lack of Inspiration, Confusion, Depression, Alienation, and Hesitation to Serve, Senility.

Key Crown Chakra Questions:

  • Do I connect with the divine source of all life that dwells within me daily?
  • Do I feel a unity with all of existence?
  • What inspires me?
  • What have I given selflessly today?
  • What insights are my experiences giving me?
  • Do I feel awe?
  • Do I feel fully present in this moment?

Key Crown Chakra Affirmations:

  • I feel connected to all things.
  • I am one with the divine.
  • I act selflessly.
  • I experience the timeless beauty of life.
  • I go deep into the silence.
  • I find inspiration easily.
  • I see the connection of all things.
  • I know that all is well in my world and that everything is exactly as it should be.


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