Butterflies and Bad Days

She asked me if I thought she was nuts, “Am I crazy?” were her exact words.

This was coming from a person who had blasted through six months of total transformation.

Honestly – she didn’t even seem like the same person I met.

A fundamental shift had occurred in her thinking, her behaviors and her actions.

So it was kinda weird for her to be asking me that question.


She had a tough week. High stress. Severe emotional attack and total lack of sleep.

So her shields were down and her resilience was low.

She was feeling beat up and pretty bruised.

We all get that way sometimes.

Life is tough. It takes it’s toll on us.

Killing our confidence. Manhandling our mojo.

We’ve go to remember…

It’s just a bad day/week/month or even a bad year.

Not a bad life.

We weren’t promised rainbows and unicorns all the time.

There’s gonna be tough times, rough patches and stormy waters.

You’re gonna get hurt, struggle and have bad times.

But just like the caterpillar goes into the darkness, eventually, through it’s struggles and ordeals, it’s transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

This may just be one of those moments for you right now.

Soon it will be over and you’ll be even more beautiful because of it.

Keep being Buddhaful!


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