Awakened Heart Series

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It’s time to heal and open your tender and radiant heart.

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh said that, “If you practice the Four Immeasurables you will become happier and everyone around you will become happier.”
The Four Immeasurables are the four elements of true love. This is a love that knows no bounds. Because of it’s power we need help and training to discover and awaken it within ourselves.
Join us as we journey through love to awaken the radiant power of your heart.
The Awakened Heart Series: The Four Immeasurables and More Heart Opening Practices
($115 Donation for the whole series. $20 per class)*

Being Here: Foundations of Meditation (Calm Abiding), April 11th
Kintsukuroi: More Beautiful for Being Broken, April 18th
Be Like Water, April 25th
The Four Thoughts Which Turn the Mind to Freedom, May 2nd
Meditation on Loving-Kindness, May 9th
Meditation on Compassion, May 16th
Meditation on Appreciative Joy, May 23rd
Meditation on Equanimity, May 30th

This 8 week journey starts on Wednesday April 11th from 7 – 8:25PM ($115)

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Drop-Ins Welcome ($20)

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(Of course if you can’t afford to come PLS pay what you can to help support the group so we can continue to use the beautiful space at Body to Bliss Yoga – or if you have been blessed with financial abundance and want to offer more it would be most welcome)

About the Four Immeasurables (Brahma Viharas)

“Throughout the ancient scriptures of the Pāli Canon it is made clear that the way to Enlightenment involves the cultivation of the emotions at every step, most often in the form of the four Brahma Vihāras.”
– Living With Kindness, Sangharakshita.

Brahmavihāras loosely translates as ‘divine abidings’. They lead to sublime mental states, and can be very rich and beautiful practices indeed. They’re also called ‘the immeasurables’, as there is no limit to how far you can take them – no limit to how much mettā, karuṇā, muditā and upekkhā you can cultivate, and no limit to how far on the path to Enlightenment they can carry you.

The development of positive emotions … is absolutely crucial for our development as individuals, and the Brahmavihāra meditations are one of the main ways of cultivating positive emotions.

brahma: divine, sublime, noble, lofty, pure, immaculate, excellent
vihara: to dwell, live in stay in, lodging or abode

They are also referred to as The Four Immeasurables. This is because the number of beings to whom they apply is immeasurable, the motivation to benefit them is immeasurable, the virtues of doing so are immeasurable and the excellence of the results is immeasurable.

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