A Prayer for Inner Peace

A Prayer for Inner Peace

There is One Deep Stillness. One Perfect Moment. One Power. There Is One Great and All Present Presence Of Peace.

That stillness fills my own heart. That perfect moment is this moment that I’m living. That Power is within my own hands. And that great presence of peace is all that there is and is everywhere that I look.

In this moment I can now see clearly the peace that is everywhere. I can feel the deep presence of peace within me. I know that this feeling is with me always. Peace is my birthright. Peace fills all the lands. Peace is now apparent within all the world. And every person within the world now feels the yearning to awaken to this powerful and peaceful moment that I am now bearing witness to.

I give thanks for this stillness. I give thanks for this reign of peace that will last forever. I am eternally thankful for the awareness that this peace starts with me and in my gratitude I radiate this peace from every cell of my being.

Knowing well that my words are full of power I release them to the universal law that makes all things so.

And it is done.


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Want to read a couple samples before you buy the Healing Prayers Booklet?

I hear you. So this week I’ll be releasing 5 prayers from the book:

A Prayer for Abundance (Monday)
A Prayer for Healing (Tuesday)
A Prayer for Inner Peace (Wednesday)
A Prayer for Courage (Thursday)
A Prayer to Create the Life You Want (Friday)

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